The Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy

The prestigious Roland-Garros stadium, inaugurated in 1928, has long been home to clay-court tennis. The indoor game stretches to the other side of town on the banks of the Seine, in the Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy, which opened its doors in 1984 as the ideal setting for an indoor competition of this calibre.

With an overall surface of 50,000 m2 and its 11,000 m2 of turfed exterior, it is the biggest indoor sports arena in Paris. The POPB has found a marking place in French sporting life, hosting a large variety of disciplines: tennis of course, athletics, cycling, gymnastics, skating, show-jumping, skiing, funboard, team sports and others. Sophisticated equipment allows the stadium to be transformed according to the needs of each event. It can accommodate, depending on its different configurations, up to 17,000 spectators.

In its tennis configuration, centre court at POPB offers two different seating capacities which change as the week goes on. From Monday, November 7th until Thursday, November 10th included, centre court seats 12,573. Starting Friday the 11th, it holds 14,502.
And finally, court n°1 (Sonja-Henie room) and court n°2 (Marcel-Cerdan room) have 600 seats each.

Thirty years after its construction, the Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy will undergo, starting in 2014, an important modernization project amounting to over 100 million euros. The structure will preserve its pyramidal form and outdoor grass areas, but will considerably evolve in regards to its surroundings. Access to the venue will be made by a long entrance hall located on street level and which will include shops and restaurants. The project will also include direct underground access from the metro station. A second entrance could be created on the side of the Seine, enhancing access to the venue via a pedestrian wooden bridge which would originate in the Bercy Park.  

Inside, capacity will be increased to 21,000 and new zones and public relations areas could also be created. The grand re-opening of this new-age Bercy is set for September 2015.

Getting there

> N°24 and 87: get off at the stop “Ministère de l’Economie et des Finances” or “Gare de Bercy”.
> N°89: get off at the stop “Quai de la Gare”.
> N°20, 57 and 65: get off at the stop “Gare de Lyon – Diderot”.
> N°63: get off at the stop “Gare de Lyon”.
> Noctilien : get off at the stop “Gare de Lyon”, every night from 12:30 am - 5:30 am.

> N°1: Château de Vincennes / La Défense (get off at “Gare de Lyon”).
> N°6: Charles de Gaulle-Étoile / Nation (get off at “Bercy”).
> N°14: Gare Saint-Lazare / Olympiades (get off at “Bercy”).

> Ligne A: La Défense / Vincennes (get off at “Gare de Lyon”).
> Ligne D: Gare du Nord / Gare de Lyon (get off at “Gare de Lyon”).

There are several Vélib' stations situated near the Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy. The closest stations can be found at:
- 61, rue de Bercy
- 81, rue de Bercy
- 153, rue de Bercy
- 224, rue de Bercy
- Gare de Bercy - Angle rue Corbineau
- 49, rue Gabriel-Lamé
- 14, place du Bataillon du Pacifique
- 28, rue François-Truffaut
- 20, rue des pirogues de Bercy
- 57-61, rue des pirogues de Bercy
- 20, rue Fernand-Braudel
- 3, rue Roland-Barthes
- 15, rue Van Gogh
- 54, rue de Chalon

There are two taxi stands situated close to the Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy. Both are at 11, Boulevard de Bercy. There is one opposite Gate 35 of the POPB; the second is situated down the steps from the front entrance.

There are nine parking lots available, situated in close proximity to the POPB:
- Bercy – Lumière (1,700 spaces): 2.90€/hour (parking for 1-9 hours). Set fee for evening hours (7 pm onwards): 6.90€. Set fee for Sunday: 9.20€. Entrance: 40, avenue des Terroirs de France.
- Bercy – Saint-Émilion (1,300 spaces): same prices as Bercy-Terroirs. Entrance: 12, place des Vins de France.
- Lyon-Diderot (300 spaces): 3€/hour (31.80€.day). Entrance: 198, rue de Bercy.
- Bercy Gare (300 spaces): 2.90€/hour (prices decrease). Entrance: 48 bis, boulevard de Bercy.
- Gare de Lyon (300 spaces): 2.90€/hour. Entrance: 193, rue de Bercy.
- Méditerranée (1,500 spaces): 3.20 €/hour (32.50 €/day). Entrance : 26, rue de Chalon.
- Austerlitz (350 spaces): 2.80 €/hour (23.50 €/day). Entrance: 29, quai d’Austerlitz.
- Vincent Auriol (420 spaces): 2.70 €/hour (22 €/day). Entrance: 21, rue Abel Gance.
- Tolbiac (1,000 spaces): 2.80 €/hour (23.50 €/day). Entrance: 19/21, rue Emile Durkheim.