That was a very tough opponent and a very long week for you. Was it too much maybe today?
JERZY JANOWICZ: Every opponent during this week was tough, but today, no, I was really tired. I was actually exhausted almost. As I said already before, the last three nights I didn't sleep much. Also last night. Also I didn't have an appetite, so I didn't eat too good. So I'm only human, and I'm still happy about this final. David played today really good tennis. It was good enough to beat me today, but also was for him a little bit easier because he had less matches. This was his fifth match; this was my eighth match. This was the difference. He was a little better.

You could have chosen between a challenger in Geneva and qualies here in Paris. When did you decide to play the qualies?
JERZY JANOWICZ: The decision was actually quite simple. I just said to myself if I get into qualies of Paris, of course I would choose Paris. I was waiting for the deadline, and when I checked the list and I realised I am in Paris, I went to the Paris.

Let's talk about the winner today, David Ferrer. People say he's not as good as Djokovic and Murray, et cetera. What is so outstanding about his game and why he won today? What can you say about what's so special for this game?
JERZY JANOWICZ: Against that kind of player like David, I have to be prepared, because against him I have to work a lot. I have to run a lot. Today my serve and my strokes were not that accurate and not that fast. At the beginning of the match my hand was really heavy, and is a sign of tiredness already. But David played today really good tennis. On the one hand, I have a chance at doing this match because I was a break up in second set. I had few chances to hold my serve to 3‑1. But he's a really experienced guy. He didn't get nervous. He kept on playing the same way the whole match.

In I think nine days it will be your birthday and you have a cheque for 235,000 euros. Can we imagine a good party back home?
JERZY JANOWICZ: I don't know what actually I should expect, how it's going to be at home. Really I need still a few days to accept the situation. Still, I have a feeling like nothing special just happened. Still, I can't believe I got to this final. So for sure some party, for sure some rest, and in few weeks I will already start to prepare myself for the new season.

What will you be doing in the off‑season in terms of training and preparation for the next year?
JERZY JANOWICZ: Now I will have three weeks off, completely off: no tennis, no practice. And after those three weeks I will stay at home in my home city in Poland, and I will practice there with my tennis coach and my fitness coach. And after this, I don't know which tournament I will choose. For sure I will play one tournament before Melbourne, but I don't know yet which one.

Now that you will be in the top 30 starting for next season, have you thought about the schedule, what is going to change or what you want to have in 2013?
JERZY JANOWICZ: For sure my life doesn't change completely. I just became a top 30 player in the world, so I think I will not have to worry anymore about money and I will have good opportunity to fight for an even better ranking. Because I'm going to be seeded in Australia, so there is actually huge help. In the smallest ATP (tournaments) sometimes I will have a bye in first round. So this is a huge help. This also is a good opportunity to work even harder and to fight for everything. Maybe one day I will become top 10 player in the world.

Actually, Ferrer, he says he thinks you will be or have the ability to be top 10. Were your ambitions higher than that, top 10, top 5?
JERZY JANOWICZ: At the beginning of this year my goal was to be top 100 and suddenly I am top 30 in the world, so of course I would like to be as high as possible. Right now I just cannot relax. I just have to keep my focus all the time, because there is a good opportunity to attack even stronger. So as I said, I hope one day. I cannot tell you when because I don't think so you expected me to be in this final this week. So, yeah, of course I would love to be top 10 one day.

Yesterday you talked about your routines that you have been keeping all week, keeping them all the same, mentioning the dirty old bag. You will now keep new bags? Will you throw those bags away or will you keep them as a memory of this week?
JERZY JANOWICZ: Routines – I cut my nails, I shaved a little bit. But I will keep this bag somewhere in my closet at home. When I have some tough moments in my life, I will just grab this bag and think about this week. I hope this bag will help me in my life.

You said that this week was a dream for you, but in your opinion, what did you learn?
JERZY JANOWICZ: For sure, I got a lot of confidence right now, and for sure I learned if you have a big heart and you want to do something amazing and you're going to fight for this, you have a big chance to make it. Most important for me during this week was if you are fighting for something which you want to make so badly, only because you are fighting for this actually, you have a chance to make it.