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“Front lines: tennis in 1914-18”

Twelve champions in the eye of the storm...

Twelve destinies caught up in the tumult of the First World War...

From Suzanne Lenglen to Anthony Wilding, the exhibition “Front lines: tennis in 1914-18” presents the often coinciding paths of twelve great tennis players during the Great War.

The emergence of the sport, female emancipation, the origins of wheelchair tennis... Out of this conflict, a new society was born.

As part of the First World War centenary commemorations, the FFT is joining forces with the national authorities to mark this important occasion.

Juan Uslé

In the framework of the long-term collaboration between the FFT and the Lelong Gallery, which features on the world stage of modern art, the creator of the poster for the 2014 French Open, painter Juan Uslé, will be guest of honour at the opening of the 2014 edition of the French Open.

Spectators will be invited into the Museum of the FFT to admire the original version of this poster, which loyally reflects the spirit of the tournament, as well as several other pieces by the Spanish artist, who is known for his use of intense colours. 


“Moi… Roland Garros”

The Museum of the FFT is proud to prolong its exhibition devoted to Roland Garros, the heroic First World War fighter pilot who lent his name to the Parisian stadium.

Born in Saint-Denis in La Réunion, the young Roland first took flight in spring 1910 and quickly forged himself a legendary reputation. In 1913, he carried out his greatest exploit: a non-stop flight across the Mediterranean, from Saint-Raphael (South of France) to Bizerte (Tunisia).

The French Tennis Federation wanted to pay homage to this great aviator, a First World War hero and inventor of the forward-firing gun synchroniser. Numerous illustrations and some of Garros’ own writings enable visitors to retrace the thrilling history of one of the world’s most famous pilots.